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Bridal Makeup

My goal is to provide a beautiful, radiant look, capturing the beauty of a bride as if she was born that way. Even though wedding makeup is usually very simple and neutral, it's one of the hardest makeup looks to create, since it has to be PERFECT. After all, it is your big day!

Wedding day can be very stressful for a bride. They often forget about themselves on their special day. I really care about making the bride not only look, but to feel her best. I love clean, glowing makeup which inspired me to specialise in wedding. The best part of my job is being a part of someone's important day.

If you have a wedding abroad and can't take your makeup artist with you, feel free to contact me about private Bridal Makeup lesson with step by step guide provided so you look flawless as if you had your makeup artist with you on your special day.

As a bride, you should just sit back and relax while I re-create the chosen look from our trial in a friendly and relaxed environment.

My goal is to provide a beautiful radiant look, capturing the beauty of a bride as if the was born that way. Even though wedding makeup is usually very simple and neutral, it's one of the hardest makeup looks to create, since it has to be perfect!

Wedding photography is the only way to immortalise your special day. That's why I only use the highest quality professional products, that look flawless both in the harshest daylight and on the photos. It's the pictures that will be looked at the generations to come.

My services include consultations, a trial makeup, making a face chart, travelling to your home or hotel on the wedding day and a little touch-up kit. All brides will receive a complimentary touch up kit for their big day which will include: small pots of concealer, lipstick, lipstick applicator and blotting paper. These can also be purchased for Bridesmaids and other special occasion makeup.


What is it?

A trial is where we meet, chat, have a coffee and go over looks and styles you have chosen putting them to test.

It is important for a bride to have a trial makeup 5-6 weeks before her big day. A trial can be arranged for brides, for their mothers, sisters and other members of the wedding party upon the request.


Let's say you've found a gorgeous makeup photo online and you want that exact look. We will go through the pictures you've chosen together, discussing looks you could wear having in mind the style of your dress, wedding theme and most importantly - your personality. In this profession it is very important to get to know your client, connect with them, because not everybody can rock a smokey eye or a romantic boho style. Depends on YOU.

How long does it take?

Trial makeup usually takes between 1.5 - 2 hours. We try all the looks until you are satisfied with the final look. This gives me a chance to work with your face, I can see exactly what you want, how your skin reacts to makeup and most of all - how you feel with it. After makeup is done, I'm doing a face chart and document it with pictures, then taking it with me on the wedding day as a reference. This is crucial to making sure everything runs smoothly on your special day with no surprises.

Can you help me choose the right style?

Absolutely YES!

It is important to choose the style you're most comfortable with. For example, if you don't feel comfortable wearing red lipstick, wedding day definitely isn't the day to put that to test. Here are some tips that may help you:

  1. Choose a style that compliments your dress or theme of the wedding if there is one
  2. Consider your skin type, eye colour and face shape. This is where I come in, I will help you chose the most flattering makeup for you.
  3. Trust your makeup artist to adapt the style you want to suit your face shape
  4. Know your dont's - feel free to print out some styles you want to avoid
  5. Wear a white t-shirt so you can see immediately how your makeup compliments the colour

When should I book my appointment?

Book it as soon as possible, I recommend 5-6 weeks prior to your big day

Can you "hold" my date?

Unfortunately no. Dates fill up quickly and it is common for makeup artist, hair stylists and photographers to be booked a year ahead. To secure my business I require a deposit and signing a contract. If you find someone who's work you like, I recommend to book it immediately, before someone else does.

We've done the trial, what is next?

Once we've done the trial, signed the contract and once I've made you a face chart, you should just sit back and relax . You are done with your part of the job. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me anytime. I'm always happy to help.


Face Chart

A makeup face chart is used to test out or to plan a look.They are useful to have because they help a makeup artist keep track of all the different products and color combination that were used, in the event that they wish to re-create the look again in the future. It's an easy way to represent designs to a client, a great tool to collaborate with the client on the spot. This way, you are sure there will be no surprises on your big day.

Please get in touch below and let me know all your makeup requirements.

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