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Most common mistakes when applying a foundation

Most Common Mistakes When Applying A Foundation

Foundation is fundamental to boasting flawless skin. It’s the foundation that makes your face a flawless canvas for making beautiful masterpiece. No matter how good your eyebrows or eyes look, if your foundation doesn’t match your tone or skin type - it’s bad.
We all wish choosing a foundation is easy as choosing a nail varnish but hey, unless you’re born with poreless skin, you might want to read this.

Testing it wrong

Finally, you found this awesome foundation that feels so good on your skin. Now, you just need to find the right tone. What’s the first thing you do? You probably test it on your hand, which is not the best technique.

Always test the foundation on your temples or jawline. The reason for that is because it is less likely you have any blemishes there and it’s on your face. Don’t smear roughly, dab it gently with your fingertips until it blends with your skin. When it comes to light, try testing it in a daylight. Daylight is the harshest light and makes you see all the blemishes and even the tiniest difference in tones. If you’re insecure, ask a makeup artist to help you choose the right shade.

Choosing the wrong texture

You swap your skincare routine for the colder weather—the same should go for your foundation. In the winter, your dry skin might be craving coverage that's more hydrating while powder formulas and matte finish foundations work well during the spring and summer months.

Skipping Primer

It’s all about preparing your skin before applying a foundation. Make sure you have a weekly scrub to keep dead cells at bay, and slick on an oil-free day lotion so your base simply glides on. Depending on the formula, primer will “erase” your big pores, nourish and moisturise the skin while creating a fine layer for your foundation to sit on. If you want your makeup to last, don’t skimp on primer.

Laying on too thick

Less is more. We are all insecure about our pores and blemishes, and we all want that flawless airbrushed Kendall Jenner complexion. But, putting tons of layers of foundation will only make it worse. Instead, conceal blemishes with a small amount of concealer first, then apply your foundation with a brush or a sponge. Areas you want to conceal are usually around your nose, chin and eye bags. For dark eye bags use peachy concealer and for red blemishes use a yellow one with green undertone.

Not blending correctly

Blending Geniuses

Especially if you use couple of different shades on your face. Blending is key to a flawless look. I suggest using damp beauty blender for seamless foundation. That way, You will avoid looking blotchy. If you can’t afford a beauty blender, real techniques Face Expert is a genius brush for applying and blending foundation.

Check it out:

Not setting it right

Go light with setting your foundation to avoid the floury look. Press lightly just where you need it. Once you’ve started to apply dry products, don’t apply wet products again and vice versa. To make your makeup last, set it with a setting spray.

My favourites are: MAC Fix +, Skindinavia and Diego Dalla Palma.

Matea Mušić

Keep these in mind while applying your next foundation. Hope this article helped you. Stay beautiful and have a nice day!

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